Modern lab devices provide quality results but are difficult to maintain because they are complex and technologically sophisticated. When Lab equipment fails, it is essential to keep downtime to a minimum. Our qualified engineers combined with access to manufacturer technical backup can deliver repair and emergency breakdown services to both contract and non-contract customers. They can even relocate your equipment if that’s needed.

Our engineers carry a small amount of stock of routinely used spares and can access a comprehensive stock of spares direct from Manufacturers in order to reduce downtime. All parts used are Manufacturer guaranteed. All maintenance activities are focused on improving equipment up-time, lab productivity and researcher efficiency.

We schedule and manage routine and emergency services and maintenance for you so that you save money and time. All this means that your efficiency and productivity are increased ensuring that your devices are accurate.

The purchase of capital equipment is a decision for the long term. It must operate efficiently with as little unproductive time as possible. Therefore the maintenance and calibration of the equipment by qualified personnel can be as important as the initial purchase.

The quality of LTE’s Support Services is recognised by its UKAS accreditation for on-site calibration. The services are provided through our team of trained service engineers and distributors in the field, backed up by specialists at our headquarters Service Centre, where we also keep a large stock of spare parts. These facilities enable us to respond quickly and effectively to customer requests.

The extensive customer care portfolio includes:

Regular maintenance service

We offer contracts for regular servicing of your equipment. Calibration, load tests and validations can be added to the contract if required
Contract customers receive discounts for spare parts and emergency call-outs.


The service, carried out under UKAS-accredited procedures, covers calibration for time, temperature and pressure using high-specification recording equipment.

Installation and commissioning

Our trained engineers will install and connect your equipment. The service includes functional testing on site.

Thermometric load tests and validations

Load and validation tests of sterilizing equipment verify the effectiveness of the operating cycle in achieving the required result. LTE’s test uses 12 thermocouples placed around the load and the chamber, linked to a data recorder. A full thermometric profile validates the cycle for the chosen parameters.

Other Support Services offered by the Service Centre are:

  • Spare part supply
  • Emergency service
  • In-house repair service
  • Operator training
  • Modifications and upgrades
  • Application support and helpline

Pipette Calibration – What You Need To Know

Pipette Servicing
NELS service offers a comprehensive range of repair and calibration facilities in our purpose built environmentally controlled laboratory.
We have extended our expertise to the service and calibration of pipettes from all leading manufacturers and our service provides a convenient and cost effective service from a single source.
We offer calibration contracts which ensure that you have a fixed slot in our calibration programme for a prompt turnaround at agreed times and prices.

Quick Calibration
Designed for those who may not require extensive measurements and calibration, this includes a simple performance check and a certificate.

Full Calibration
This service includes cleaning, servicing, a full range performance check, and a Certificate of Calibration. The costs of any spare parts are charged separately.

UKAS Calibration
Working with European Instruments who are accredited by UKAS to issue calibration certificates on pipettes, this service is available at Oxford Laboratory, alternatively at an on-site clinic. Our schedule is available on request; send your pipette inventory and requirements for a quotation.

Other Calibration Services
For pipettes that are no longer performing within the manufacturer’s tolerances or are damaged. The service includes dismantling, cleaning, servicing, and a full range performance check, with a Certificate of Calibration. All spare parts are detailed and charged separately.

Regular service and calibration will maintain the precision and accuracy of your pipettes. Calibration is carried out according to the DIN 12650 guidelines or UKAS which as a rule are accepted by the FDA, GLP, ISO, EN, DIN and BSI.

All procedures are subject to our BS EN ISO 9002: 1994 which ensures strict standards of quality at all times.

Standard Procedures
NELS will arrange for a Safety Clearance Certificate to be sent to your premises. From there we will uplift your goods (with certification) and bring them back to our site. A full report including pricing for calibration/repair can then be provided.
Should you have any questions regarding our services please do not hesitate to contact us.

In conjunction with Laboratory Specialist Services (UK) Ltd, NELS offers the full Maintenance Report and Certification of Laboratory Fume Cupboards and Extraction Systems in accordance to the BS7258 Part 4 1994 and C.O.S.H.H. Regulation 9, which states that all fume cupboards and exhaust installations must be serviced at least every fourteen months.


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It is important that Laboratory equipment is regularly maintained, as this can often reduce the frequency of breakdowns and ensure maximum performance.

We can provide contracts tailored to meet our customer’s individual needs. Contracts range from providing a routine periodic service through to a fully comprehensive contract which would incorporate breakdown cover, parts and training.

Having laboratory equipment tested and calibrated reduces maintenance costs, downtime and significantly improves efficiency, allowing it and any component parts to work longer at a minimal increase to costs.

From ultra-low temperature freezers to red cell and blood plasma freezers to lab refrigerators, Cryobaths, CO2 incubators and Lyophilizers we’ve got it all covered for you. We’ll even install and service CO2 and O2 Level monitoring/alarm systems.

Our experienced engineers are familiar with all leading equipment manufacturers. All replacement parts are manufacturer guaranteed and all maintenance work is carried out as per their recommendations.

Improper instrumentation operation or an expired calibration could invalidate your data. We can provide you with equipment dependability and the calibration necessary to ensure compliance with standards and ensure repeatability of final results.

Our Managed Maintenance and Calibration program will assure continuous equipment accuracy and dependability. All equipment ages over time and critical components may be subject to mechanical stress or wear and tear. Whilst drift cannot always be eliminated, it can be detected through periodic Calibration. Our service includes:

  • Installation Qualification (IQ): Provides documentation that the instrument is installed to the manufacturer’s specification.
  • Operational Qualification (OQ): Verifies that the equipment is able to operate at the parameters specified by the manufacturer and/or the end user.
  • Performance Qualification (PQ): Verifies the satisfactory performance of the instrument in its normal operating environment. PQ can be an ongoing requirement throughout the operating life of the instrument. As parameters are changed, it assures the continuing correct performance of the instrument.

Upon completion, we provide you with your validation report which includes the finalised protocol and all supporting documentation. Our service team will keep updated throughout this process and on any upcoming service or calibration visits for your equipment, which allows you to schedule downtime if required.

Mapping can be essential to meet certain conformance requirements and we can provide you with complete mapping of your incubators, freezers, ovens, refrigerators and environmental chambers.

Every refrigerator and freezer has its own nuances. Where’s the compressor? How does the air flow? What’s being stored and where? Give you the confidence that your cooling units are fully mitigated for risk and audit failure.

Are your chambers’ conditions equal on the top and bottom shelves? What if your chamber is empty or at capacity? Understanding the exact environmental conditions of any experiment is critical to ensure repetition and accuracy. Our calibration service facilitates smooth passing of internal and external audits.

In 2019 we plan to create our own unique online secure record storage application, DOCU-SAFE. This system will enable us to securely hold your equipment service and calibration records digitally – so you can access them at any time via a customer specific unique login.

Available to all our Service/Calibration customers contact us for additional information.

SafeContractor supports your business by helping you demonstrate commitment to sustainable and ethical practices.

By obtaining the Safe Contractor badge in 2019 NELS (ONLY) demonstrate to our clients that we are a good business to work with.

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